Clean & Dry - ICING

Clean & Dry - ICING

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ICING is a thick luxurious cream with shea butter. Goes on smooth and absorbs with minimal effort. (Vegetarian)

Contains 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, 100% Organic Raw Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Beeswax.

Just apply a quarter-sized amount to your nether region using a cotton round or cotton ball. To prevent cross-contamination, it is not recommended using your fingers. Do not reuse cotton rounds or balls, dispose of properly.

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8 Oz. Full Size - $45 $35 (on Sale!)
2 Oz. Travel Size - $15 $10 (on Sale!)
Starter Kit - $15 Includes 1 Oz. each Glaze, Whipped Cream & ICING (The Starter Kit is housed in a one-of-a-kind origami holder.)

Available as a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, so you’ll never run out!)

*Up to 2-Year Shelf Life, though we know you'll use it up long before then!

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Yes, we joke on Twitter about your junk, crowned jewels, package, but the truth is, taking care of your nether regions is truly important.

You shouldn't have to live with excessive sweat or itchiness in your groin. You shouldn't spend your time readjusting. You should care for all of you.

So why NetherCream? Well, besides being 100% Natural, it isn't a lotion, which just sits on your skin, it's a cream which melts into your skin. NetherCream puts a protective barrier on your most favorite body part, preventing chafing, odor, sweat or healing dryness and itchiness. Over time, NetherCream increases your elasticity, yes, I'll repeat that, it increases your elasticity.

So, as I sat in a local restaurant, looking at all the men with their families, I wondered, do they take the time to take care of themselves? It's simple enough, slather on a healthy bit of NetherCream every day. Take pride in taking care of ALL of you!