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We're officially in the UK starting in July in Liz Earle Magazine!  

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Never Leave Home Without It!

In my rush to get to church, I neglected to put on my NetherCream for Women. I was so dry and itchy, yuck! How long did I spend living my life like this? Why would I ever want to live my life like that! My husband said I must be addicted to NetherCream. I told him I wasn't addicted, I just like pampering myself! You need to pamper yourself as well!!

NetherCream Staff

Containers are all delivered! We are ready to launch! Thinking of doing a pre-launch of Starter Kits!!!

Our 2 oz. and 8 oz. containers are double lined to help maintain the integrity of our products! Our products are meant to be kept at room temperature. 

However, if your NetherCream becomes too liquid, you can simply place it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. It is NOT recommended you store your NetherCream in the refrigerator. 

On the flip side, if it becomes too hard, simply soak your closed container in a warm water bath or place in the shower with you. 

At room temperature, our products will return to their original thickness. 

NetherCream Staff
Tester Feedback

Thanks so much to all of our testers! This has been such an amazing journey! The feedback we have received include words like:

"I'm impressed!" "Love it!" "Can't live without it!" 

For all you athletes out there faced with wearing short shorts which cause rubbing and a rash in your groin, we've got you covered! We have the remedy for that! Soccer players and volleyball players, we've got you covered! 

Not to mention baseball players...ya'll really need NetherCream! 

Had an interesting conversation about needing NetherCream. The thought was, there's nothing wrong with my junk, so I don't need NetherCream. We beg to differ. NetherCream Original Formula has only one purpose, to make pamper your nether regions. There's no need for a problem for us to solve unless neglecting your favorite body parts is a problem. Then, we've got your solution!

The daily use of NetherCream and NetherCream for Women can boost your confidence and make you love yourself a little bit more!

NetherCream Staff
How This Journey BEGAN

So how did this journey begin? Over a year ago, the love of kickboxing brought the dread of Athlete's Foot. All the over the counter remedies really didn't work. They dried out your feet, and once your foot got wet again, poof, Athlete's Foot returned. We looked online for herbal remedies and found interesting facts about tea tree essential oil. Now, as an essential oil, you can't say it "cures" anything, but the evidence of it greatly helping was there. So we got some high-quality tea tree essential oil. It burned, like crazy. Apparently, tea tree oil is extremely concentrated and needs a carrier oil. Research continued and we found other ingredients to not only get rid of Athlete's Foot but soften and heal the entire foot. 

Around that time, my hubby sent me an article about jock itch and remedies for curing it. What surprised me the most was the number of men making comments about crotch-related maladies. I learned about swamp crotch, jock itch, irritation, inflammation, low libido, sweaty balls, unpleasant odor, and more. I thought with all these guys talking about this, why isn't there something to help. Something besides chemicals, which more than not cause more harm than good with harmful side-effects. 

So the journey began. I began researching essential oils and their benefits. I found some great essential oils to combine with our amazing NetherCream Original product. 

Then menopause hit. Night sweats, boob sweat, odor from weird places. I didn't even want to go to work, I was so embarrassed. Trips to the doctor didn't procure any solution. Web searches came up with not very helpful information. It was bad. Then, one random search at the bottom of a random page mentioned Argan oil. I was shocked to learn this wonderful product is super expensive. $38 for 3 ounces! 

So I put on my creator hat and began creating a perfect mixture for boob sweat and odor. Not only did I find something which worked immediately, my stretch marks are gone. Wow, you say, can you prove NetherCream for Women got rid of stretch marks? Well, I had them and after months of using NetherCream for Women, they are gone. Might just be a coincidence.  

Our goal in this venture is to provide remedies that work for problems people don't want to talk about. So if you have boob sweat or under boob odor, jock itch, sweaty balls, sweaty feet, stinky feet, places where you chafe or rub, not in a good way, we have a solution for you! 

If you simply want to pamper special parts of you, we've got you covered, literally. If you are confused on which thickness to get, order a Starter Kit. Don't know if it will work for you, order a Trial Size. Ready to full-on love you, order the Full Size! Whatever you do, take care of you, all of you

NetherCream Staff
Shea Butter = ICING

What happens when you add some 100% Organic Raw Shea Butter to our NetherCream Original? NetherCream ICING! Thick and creamy, an additional layer of moisturizing softness. 

Why Shea Butter, you ask? Well, Shea Butter is packed with natural vitamins and fatty acids, making it super moisturizing and nourishing. It's great for every day use and helps remedy dry skin and protect skin's natural oils. 

Some studies have even shown Shea Butter to be anti-inflammatory! Add this to the fact Shea Butter may help with strengthening and softening skin as well as reducing wrinkles. 

NetherCream Staff
Essential Oils in the Kitchen

Having fun in the test kitchen! What can be more fun than whipping up batches of NetherCream with the man you love? I don't know! Working with coconut oil and essential oils was so much fun! The kitchen smelled divine! 

NetherCream Staff
Difference in Thinknesses

What's the difference between Glaze, Whipped Cream and ICING? Well, take a look for your self:

3 glaze 4.JPG
  • Pure coconut oil is hard and chunky. It's hard to get out of the container, spoon bending hard, chunky, and not easy to spread. Hence, the need for NetherCream.  
  • NetherCream Glaze is semi-solid and smooth. It's kind of like a silky vaseline. It's semi-translucent and melts easily into your skin. 
  • NetherCream Whipped Cream is soft and silky. Think of the whipped cream you spray unto hot chocolate or your favorite body parts, while NetherCream isn't edible, it's the same light and creamy texture. It holds up better to heat and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
  • NetherCream ICING adds Shea Butter to the mix, making it a thick cream. Ok, remember the last cupcake you had? Well, that's what ICING is. Again, don't eat it, just slather it on and enjoy. It goes on like a lotion but melts easily into your skin. 
NetherCream Staff
First OFFICIAL Batch of NetherCream

What better thing to do on a "snow day" than to make our first batch of whipped cream? Batch A and B are ready for testing: 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Non-Soybean Vitamin E.

Batch A has twice the Vitamin E as Batch B, making it slightly more creamy. 

Batch A   

Batch A


Batch B

Batch B

NetherCream Staff