Difference in Thinknesses

What's the difference between Glaze, Whipped Cream and ICING? Well, take a look for your self:

3 glaze 4.JPG
  • Pure coconut oil is hard and chunky. It's hard to get out of the container, spoon bending hard, chunky, and not easy to spread. Hence, the need for NetherCream.  
  • NetherCream Glaze is semi-solid and smooth. It's kind of like a silky vaseline. It's semi-translucent and melts easily into your skin. 
  • NetherCream Whipped Cream is soft and silky. Think of the whipped cream you spray unto hot chocolate or your favorite body parts, while NetherCream isn't edible, it's the same light and creamy texture. It holds up better to heat and absorbs quickly into the skin. 
  • NetherCream ICING adds Shea Butter to the mix, making it a thick cream. Ok, remember the last cupcake you had? Well, that's what ICING is. Again, don't eat it, just slather it on and enjoy. It goes on like a lotion but melts easily into your skin. 
NetherCream Staff