Which NetherCream product is right for me? 

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Is NetherCream a lotion?

No, NetherCream and NetherCream for Women are not lotions, they are more like salves. They are specially formulated creams, meant to be used in the nether regions, under breasts, on feet, and in any place chafing or rubbing might occur. Most lotions contain chemicals which actually dry out your skin, with repeated use. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women contain no chemicals, preservatives, or drying agents. 

What's the difference between the different thicknesses?

Great question! NetherCream and NetherCream for Women come in three different thicknesses. 

grey all.JPG

Glaze is like a velvety vaseline salve. It is semi-translucent and semi-solid. Of the NetherCream thicknesses, it is the one most likely to revert to liquid in extreme temperatures. Don't worry, even as a liquid, it's still usable and effective. 

Whipped Cream is light and airy. Imagine frothy whipped cream on top of a steaming cup of hot chocolate, that's NetherCream Whipped Cream. Super easy to apply, melts into your skin. Includes Beeswax for stabilization in warmer temperatures. 

ICING is our thickest formula. It contains 100% Raw Organic Shea Butter. This added ingredient makes ICING stand on its own as a thick luxurious cream. Includes Beeswax for stabilization in warmer temperatures. 

*If you don't know which one is right for you, we suggest getting our Starter Kit which contains 1 oz. of each of our thicknesses.

If it's made from coconut oil, does it smell like coconuts?

Yes, it does, and it smells wonderful. NetherCream Anti-fungal, Relief, and Clean all have added essential oils. These essential oils alter the smell of the cream. We believe none of the smells are overpowering, as well, we wouldn't want you to feel overpowered. We want you to feel empowered. 

Is your product greasy?

I wouldn't say greasy is the right term. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women are coconut oil-based products. The consistency is that of an oil-based product. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women are not lotions, by any conventional means. They contain no harmful ingredients or chemicals. Considering the body parts it was designed for, NetherCream and NetherCream for Women glide on in a most satisfying way. 

Can I use NetherCream every day?

Yes, in fact, we recommend using it every day as part of your daily routine. Use it after showering, before exercising, after swimming, in the middle of the day because you feel like it. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women will last all day, so slather it on and enjoy!

Does your Vitamin E come from soy? 

No, NetherCream and NetherCream for Women do not use Vitamin E derived from soy. We do not use artificial or synthetic Vitamin E. We use all natural Vitamin E. Yes, it costs more, but you're worth it.

Is the amount of essential oils used safe?

Yes, we pride ourselves on creating a formula which uses essential oils in a concentration which is well within the bounds of acceptable use. Given the nature of body parts NetherCream and NetherCream for Women are used on, we are very conservative with our use of essential oils. In fact, due to the nature of Jock Itch, we developed a separate formula just for that area. While NetherCream Athlete's Foot - Anti-Fungal contains the same ingredients as NetherCream Jock Itch - Anti-Fungal, Athlete's Foot contains a higher concentration of essential oils and should only be used on feet. 

Is NetherCream edible?

It is never a good idea to eat a product labeled as "For External Use Only". While there are no harmful chemicals in our products, ingesting certain essential oils may be harmful, though our concentrations of essential oils are low. So while grabbing a spoon and eating NetherCream or NetherCream for Women out of the container, as an afternoon snack, is not recommended, licking off the "spoon," shouldn't cause problems. 

My NetherCream has become liquid, help!

First, don't worry. The 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil base used in NetherCream and NetherCream for Women is meant to be used at room temperature. If your room is extremely hot, NetherCream will begin to liquify. 

Second, have no fears! When the temperature returns to room temperature, your NetherCream will reconstitute into its original state. If you want your NetherCream to solidify quicker, simply place it in the refrigerator for an hour or two. It is NOT recommended you store your NetherCream in the refrigerator. 

Likewise, if your NetherCream becomes too hard, simply set the closed container in a hot water bath for a few minutes. NEVER microwave your NetherCream. 

Third, NetherCream 2 oz. and 8 oz. containers are double lined to maintain the integrity of our products. 

Can I use NetherCream for my hair or beard?

The main ingredient for NetherCream and NetherCream for Women is 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has been found to be very helpful to hair and beards. While not created specifically for hair or beards, it can be used to soften and nourish hair. 

Does it work as an underarm deodorant? 

Theoretically, yes. Functionally, no. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women can be used as an underarm deodorant, however, it only lasts 2-2.5 hours and must be reapplied to the underarm. While our products last all day under your breasts or on your nether regions, it is not recommended as an underarm deodorant. 

How about for masturbation?

What you choose to do with NetherCream and NetherCream for Women in the privacy of your own home, is up to you. It does have a nice glide, though. NetherCream and NetherCream for Women were specifically designed to help certain problems associated with odor, sweat, and chafing. 

It is NOT recommended to use NetherCream or NetherCream for Women in combination with condoms, as coconut oil may reduce the effectiveness of the condom by breaking down the integrity of the latex. 

Can NetherCream for Women be used for vaginal dryness? 

Yes. In fact, it's great for just that purpose. NetherCream for Women helps when, because of menopause or hormonal issues, the vagina isn't producing moisture like it should. Unlike commercial products, which often contain alcohol and other drying agents, NetherCream for Women is 100% natural with no chemicals, preservatives, or drying agents. 

NetherCream for Women should not be used to treat vaginal odor. Vaginal odor is generally a sign of something else, such as a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. If you are experiencing a fishy odor, you may have a bacterial infection. A white clumpy discharge is a good sign of a yeast infection. While coconut oil has been found to effectively treat yeast infections if something is going on with your vagina, you should schedule a visit with your doctor or gynecologist. 

On an unrelated side note, as someone who has suffered from both bacterial infections and yeast infections, I found some very helpful advice with regard to both maladies, within the pages of all natural remedy sites on the internet. Garlic cloves seem to be rather helpful when battling yeast infections and apple cider vinegar may help to knock out bacterial infections. Do an internet search for yourself!

Does NetherCream reduce the appearance of stretch marks? 

There are so many products on the market claiming to reduce stretch marks. While NetherCream and NetherCream for Women were not developed for the purpose of reducing the appearance of stretch marks, one added benefit of using our product daily is moisturizing your skin. Most areas affected by stretch marks aren't receiving enough nourishing moisture. Who knows, like me, you may see a reduction in the appearance of your stretch marks.  

Can I cancel or change my subscription? Why would you want to cancel? Seriously, why? It's ok, we understand. The subscription service has a 3 month trial period. You may cancel at any point after the 3 month trial period. If you want to change your remedy or thickness, just email us at nethercreamoriginal@gmail.com.