What's the difference between the different thicknesses?

Great question! NetherCream comes in three different thicknesses. 

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Glaze is like a velvety vaseline salve. It is semi-translucent and semi-solid. Of the NetherCream thicknesses, it is the one most likely to revert to liquid in extreme temperatures. Don't worry, even as a liquid, it's still usable and effective. 

Whipped Cream is light and airy. Imagine frothy whipped cream on top of a steaming cup of hot chocolate, that's NetherCream Whipped Cream. Super easy to apply, melts into your skin. Includes Beeswax for stabilization in warmer temperatures. 

ICING is our thickest formula. It contains 100% Raw Organic Shea Butter. This added ingredient makes ICING stand on its own as a thick luxurious cream. Includes Beeswax for stabilization in warmer temperatures. 

*If you don't know which one is right for you, we suggest getting our Starter Kit which contains 1 oz. of each of our thicknesses.

NetherCream Staff