Rash Gone! -M.M.

I've been using Care and the rash under my breasts is gone! I also use it after I shave my underarms to get rid of razor burn! -M.M.

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Total Score for NetherCream -J.G.

Just wanted to let you know my son Ben worked a 7 hour shift Friday, a nine-hour shift Saturday and a 14hour shift Sunday, before the 14-hour shift he put some on that region let it soak in and NO rash problems the entire shift.   total score for NetherCream -J.G.

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Smell of Death -L.M.

My teenaged son's feet smell like death. He takes off his shoes and we have to roll down the car windows. Never thought it was possible for him to have "Sweet Smelling Feet". He puts it on every morning before putting his socks on and it works like a charm! Thank you! -L.M.

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Cracked Heels Healed -E.M.

My heels were really bad. They were cracked and flaky. I was planning on do a before and after picture to see if it actually works. I decided to put on some NetherCream before bed and then forgot to take a picture. In the morning, while not 100% healed, it was no longer cracked and flaky. After a few more days of use, healed, healthy, wonderful. -E.M.

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Stolen -M.W.

I love it so much. I told my mom about it and now she's using it too. Well, she's actually using mine. -M.W.

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Helping the Hubby -C.S.

I wanted something to help my husband feel good about himself. He's not the best at taking care of himself. This makes it easy for him to stay clean and dry. -C.S.

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Pride -D.L.

I absolutely love NetherCream. The pride I see in my husband when he knows he's taking care of every part of himself is amazing to see! Thanks NetherCream. -D.L.

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I’m super impressed -M.C.

Okay, first impression it’s so smooth and it smells great. I’ll keep you updated on any changes. I used it on my stretch marks, under boobs, boobs, Netherlands, and under arms...I’m super impressed -M.C.

NetherCream Staff